Editing Services

So, you've finished your masterpiece! The manuscript sits before you, aching to be shown to the masses eager to tear through it's pages on their way to enlightenment? There's just one step left before you can publish. Sure, you can skip it, but you take a huge risk in doing so. If your grammar isn't just right, if your spelling is off, those masses are more likely to put your book down than they are to read it cover to cover, eagerly awaiting the next. It's time for another set of eyes to run through it, just to make sure all those little mistakes are corrected before your readers find them instead!

We offer a standard editing service:

For 0.75 cents a word we will:

  • Correct Spelling

  • Correct Grammar and Punctuation

  • Correct errors in sentence structure

  • Make additional recommendations for changes (examples: word changes for clarification of context, show issues or holes perceived in the plot) as we deem necessary

We will not:

  • Review your manuscript again after you make or decline our recommendations. However, a second look can be negotiated at a reduced rate.

  • Secure any necessary permissions required for the content of your manuscript.

  • Fact check the content of the manuscript.

  • Convert it into ebook formats.

If you need us to edit your manuscript as soon as possible, we will rush your manuscript to the front of the editing queue for an additional 0.25 cents per word (1 cent per word total). We will not place your manuscript ahead of anyone else who has paid the rush rate.

All editing services will be quoted on the rates above. Half the quoted payment must be paid before editing will begin, with the remaining half due upon completion. You, the Author, retain all rights to your Work. Authors who choose to use Haven Bookworks as a publisher will receive editing services at no additional cost.