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Looking for a place to sell your next great work? We happily work with authors and small publishers to provide them an additional place to offer their literary works, so long as the content fits within the window of Transformation or Transgender fiction or non-fiction. We'll pay you 75% of net proceeds (as defined within our Terms of Service). If you're interested in posting your work here for sale, simply email it to submissions at havenbookworks dot com with the following information:


Penname (If Applicable):


Short Description:

Preferred Payment Method (Moneybookers, Dwolla, Amazon Payments, Popmoney):

After receiving your work, our staff will review it to ascertain it is at the level of quality we uphold. If they find it to meet our standards we'll confirm all the essential details with you before posting it for public sale. We look forward to opening a new avenue for you to share your work with the people who love it!