A Little Bit of Girl Time: Volume III

A Little Bit of Girl Time: Volume III

Product Code: HB4628854626
Book: A Little Bit of Girl Time: Volume III
Author: Various
Format: epub, mobi
PublishingDate: 2015-06-02
Publisher: Haven Bookworks
booklanguage: English
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Price: $15.99
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Part I is now available for download!

A Very Fortunate Mistake by Anne Oni Mouse
My life had never been one of excitement and love was something I saw others enjoying. All of that changed when I decided not to put my shoes on to pick up the milk from my doorstep. My stockinged feet were spotted by my neighbour and we came together.
The Six Dreams: Part I by Hannah Marshall
A young man's life turns in a direction he never would have imagined after he torments an older woman during an embarrassing ordeal.
Pixie-led by Jinny Faewise
Everyone has a life story, some have more, and with a cute pixie smile a story is told and told and told and...
The Slip: Part I by Charlotte
A wealthy and bored business man arrives home early one evening and has a rather unusual encounter with an attractive young woman. Both get exactly what they were looking for and a whole lot more they would never have expected...
Part II: Coming Soon! Those who purchase this ebook will receive access to both additional parts as they are released.
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